Confocal immunofluorescence images of islets with insulin (green), and DAPI (blue) adapted from Banerjee et al. Diabetes 2016

PRLR Jak2 Jak2 Stat5 Htr2b Serotonin PRL, PL HGF Nucleus Cytosol Extracellular space Stat5 P ? TFs regulated by PRLR signaling : FoxM1 , MafB , FoxD3 and others adenosine ? CISH Ras /MAPK Irs /PI3K HNF4 , ARNT MYC, others glucose Tph1 , CDKI genes and others Serotonin miR338 - 3p 17 - estradiol cAMP Birc5 ? EGFR Cyclins ? ? AdoraA2

Model Integrating pathways involved in gestational beta-cell proliferation (adapted from Banerjee Annals of NYAS 2018 

Our research aims to expand the understanding of how hormones regulate pancreatic islets in health and disease. 

Currently, a major focus of the lab is to define the normal adaptations of islets, particularly insulin-producing beta-cells, to the metabolic stress of pregnancy, and to determine how defective adaptation contributes to gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM).  

We anticipate that elucidating physiologic mechanisms of gestational beta-cell adaptation will identify novel therapeutic strategies to expand functional beta-cell mass which would help in the treatment of all types of diabetes.

Important Recent Lab News and events:

June 2020: 

KaLia Burnette is awarded a spot on the UAB CMDB T32 training grant. Congrats!

April 2020: 

Dr. Banerjee is awarded a R01 grant from the NIDDK to study

"Pregnancy-specific mechanisms regulating beta-cell proliferation and mass"