Confocal immunofluorescence images of islets with insulin (green), and DAPI (blue) adapted from Banerjee et al. Diabetes 2016

Model Integrating pathways involved in gestational beta-cell proliferation (adapted from Banerjee Annals of NYAS 2018 

Our research aims to expand the understanding of how hormones regulate pancreatic islets in health and disease. 

Currently, a major focus of the lab is to define the normal adaptations of islets, particularly insulin-producing beta-cells, to the metabolic stress of pregnancy, and to determine how defective adaptation contributes to gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM).  

We anticipate that elucidating physiologic mechanisms of gestational beta-cell adaptation will identify novel therapeutic strategies to expand functional beta-cell mass which would help in the treatment of all types of diabetes.

Important Recent Lab News and events:

June 2020: 

KaLia Burnette is awarded a spot on the UAB CMDB T32 training grant. Congrats!

April 2020: 

Dr. Banerjee is awarded a R01 grant from the NIDDK to study

"Pregnancy-specific mechanisms regulating beta-cell proliferation and mass"


Updated October 2020

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