Confocal immunofluorescence images of islets with insulin (green), and DAPI (blue) adapted from Banerjee et al. Diabetes 2016

Model Integrating pathways involved in gestational beta-cell proliferation (adapted from Banerjee Annals of NYAS 2018 

Our research aims to expand the understanding of how hormones regulate pancreatic islets in health and disease. 

We are currently focused on normal beta-cell adaptive mechanisms during pregnancy, and how defects in these processes may lead to beta-cell dysfunction and contribute to gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM).  

We hope elucidating physiologic mechanisms of gestational beta-cell adaptation will identify novel therapeutic targets to expand functional beta-cell mass and treat all types of diabetes.

We are actively seeking graduate students from the UAB GBS programs! 

Important Lab News and events:

June 2020: 

KaLia Burnette is awarded a spot on the UAB CMDB T32 training grant. Congrats!

April 2020: 

Dr. Banerjee is awarded a R01 grant from the NIDDK to study

"Pregnancy-specific mechanisms regulating beta-cell proliferation and mass"

May 2019:

Prolactin Receptor Regulates a Pregnancy-Specific Transcriptional Program in Mouse Islets (Pepin et al.) published in Endocrinology !  

​Details novel PRLR target genes in gestational beta-cells, and uses bioinformatics to identify transcriptional regulatory networks downstream of PRLR in beta-cells during pregnancy. 


Updated September 2020

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