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The Banerjee Lab
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

5501 Hopkins Bayview Circle
Allergy & Immunology Center
Bayview Campus
Lab 2A10
Baltimore, MD 21224

Dr Banerjee:  rrbanerjee (at) 


(as of February 2023)



We are not actively seekly postdocs. However, highly talented and motivated postdocs specifically interested in the lab core areas of research are welcome to submit a letter of interest and CV.

An MD and/or PhD in a science-related field, excellent written and verbal communication skills, and the ability to work interactively are required.  Postdocs who have already secured, or are strong candidates for postdoc fellowships are strongly preferred. Prior islet biology or metabolism research experience is strongly preferred but not absolutely required.  

In your letter of interest, please include 1) a statement about your interest in our lab, 2) career goals and objectives, and 3) information about citizenship/residency/Visa status.  

Graduate Students:

Hopkins graduate students from any program are encouraged to email the PI to discuss a rotation.


We offer undergraduate students an intensive research experience working closely with a member of the lab. Students should expect to commit to working in the lab for a comprehensive longitudinal experience across their undergraduate years. Students are encouraged to apply early in their college careers to maximize their research opportunity.  Ideally, undergraduate students interested in research should apply by the Spring Quarter of their freshman year, with the expectation of a serious commitment that includes full-time summer work and completion of an independent research project such as an Honors thesis or equivalent.

Thank you!

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